Jarhead (2005): First Day in the Marine


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The clip first day in the marine from Jarhead (2005) with Jake Gyllenhaal, Scott MacDonald

A story.
A man fires a rifle for many years...
and he goes to war.
And afterward, he turns the rifle in at the armory...
and he believes he's finished with the rifle.
But no matter what else he might do with his hands...
love a woman, build a house...
change his son's diaper...
his hands remember the rifle.
You are no longer black, or brown, or yellow or red!
You are now green!
You are light green or dark green!
Do you understand?
Sir, yes, sir!
Sir, yes, sir!
You the maggot whose father served in Vietnam?
Sir, yes, sir!
Outstanding! Did he have the balls to die there?
Sir, no, sir!
Too fucking bad! He ever talk about it?
Sir, only once, sir! Good! Then he wasn't lying!
Are you eyeballing me with those baby blues?
Are you? Sir, no, sir!
Are you in love with me, Swofford? Sir, no, sir!
You don't think I look good in my uniform, Swofford?
Sir, the drill sergeant looks fabulous in his uniform, sir!
So you're gay, then, and you love me, huh?
Sir, I'm not gay, sir!
Do you have a girlfriend, Swofford? Sir, yes, sir!
Guess again, motherfucker! Jody's banging her right now!
Get on your face and give me 25...
for every time she gets fucked this month.
Down on your face!
It was shortly after meeting Drill Instructor Fitch...
that I realized that joining the Marine Corps...
might have been a bad decision.

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