Jarhead (2005): Interview


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The clip interview from Jarhead (2005) with Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard

We're rolling. Sound, speed.
You're a Marine here in Saudi Arabia.
Are you glad to be here?
Oh, yes, ma'am, I'm glad to be here.
My uncle and my father served in Vietnam...
so I'm proud to serve my country here.
I have supreme confidence in all my leaders...
you know, from my team leader to my President.
So, who's waiting for you back home?
Can I give a message to my brother? Sure.
Tim, hey. He's gonna get this? Uh-huh.
Tim! What's up?
I got your letter, man, and you are a maniac.
You're crazy. He'll understand that.
You're a Marine here in Saudi Arabia.
How do you hope the Kuwaitis will greet you?
How do you feel about the Iraqis?
They're the enemy. Do you have nightmares about them?
How do you...
I love it out here. This is what I want.
'Cause I count for something.
Back home...
I'd be working some nowhere job. Nobody would even know I was alive.
"We burn the fat off our souls. "
Hemingway, he said that.
Who's waiting for you back home?
Well, you know, I have a girlfriend waiting for me.
Anything you'd like to say to her?
Yeah, sure. Yeah.
Hi, Kristina.
Here we are.

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