Jarhead (2005): Letter


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The clip letter from Jarhead (2005) with Brian Geraghty, Peter Sarsgaard

Come on, Swoff, pack up.
Your mommy again, Fergie.
What are you listening to? My mom's Christmas tape.
You're a retard.
Fergus, you and your mom got fire watch tonight.
2200 to 0200.
Man, that's two straight weeks.
Why does it have to be me?
'Cause you're so boot. You are boot.
Oh, yeah.
That's the third fucking time, man. What's that?
I just want it to say "no preference. "
Is that so fucking hard?
What difference does it make? God knows you're "no preference. "
At least they got the blood type right.
I mean, which would you rather get? The wrong prayer or the wrong blood?
One lonely pink letter from Sacramento.
Kristina. I wonder what she's up to?
Now, I dare you...
Go jerk off outside.
Oh, my God. What?
Oh, my God, man, I have a son!
I got a fucking son, man!
I got a little boy! Let's see.
Look at that cute kid.
You better check the mailman, bro. This baby's a gringo, man.
No way. That's definitely Montezuma Jr.
I don't care, as long as he's not a Cuban with a little dick.
Cortez, can I see him?
Here you go, Pinko.
He's beautiful, man.
I'll put my little boy up.
Doesn't look good.
Kristina has a new friend, man. She got a new friend?
He's the night manager at her hotel, and she says he's a good listener.
Man! This is getting worse. He's fucked, man.
Oh, I told you. I told you.
She's one of those girls with a military fetish.
Yeah, and she's getting off when she tells the Jody...
that her boyfriend's a jarhead.
Yeah, man, fuck. All right, fuck off.

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