Jarhead (2005): Brief


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The clip brief from Jarhead (2005) with Jamie Foxx, Lucas Black

Now, here are the rules.
When you talk to these reporters, you do not get specific.
Tell them that there's no better shooters in the world...
than Marine snipers.
Tell them that you're happy to be here.
You're proud of the mission. All right?
And you can't wait to mash the fuck out of these Iraqis.
Anything other than that comes out of your mouth...
I get fucked up.
And if I get fucked up, I'm gonna fuck you up.
Take your shirts off. Show your muscles.
You've been working out. This is censorship.
This is what? Censorship.
You're telling us what we can and can't say to the press.
That's un-American.
Yeah, what about freedom of speech? The Constitution?
No, you signed a contract. You don't have any rights.
You got any complaints, you complain to Saddam Insane...
and you see if he gives a fuck.
Why, that's exactly what Saddam Hussein does.
You're treating us the same way.
You are a Marine.
There's no such thing as speech that is free.
You must pay for everything that you say.

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