Jarhead (2005): Gas Masks


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The clip gas masks from Jarhead (2005) with Jamie Foxx, Peter Sarsgaard

Right now! I'm talking about gas! Let's go! Let's move it!
Come on, guys, what the fuck are you doing?
Let's go! Get it on!
Right now your dicks are falling off!
Your skin is bubble wrap! Let's go! Move it!
You sorry motherfuckers, I told you, "Don't get lazy. "
Didn't I tell you not to get lazy? Let's go!
Let's go. What are you doing?
That's your fucking sleeping bag, you moron! Let's go!
It's been 30 seconds.
What the fuck are you doing? Get it on!
You stay ready, you ain't got to get ready!
You nasty motherfuckers are so lazy! I told you to stay on point!
That's 45 seconds! What you doing? What you doing?
You better get your motherfucking ass in gear!
You gonna be the first motherfucker I kick up in the ass.
Get it on! I'm trying!
They packed mine wrong!
Retarded motherfuckers, let's go! Put it on!
Let's go! Stop! Stop it right now!
Come over to the dark side, Luke.
55 seconds. You're all dead.
And since you're all dead...
I guess you wouldn't mind taking a little run in these suits.
Let's go!

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