Jarhead (2005): the Mission Part 3


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The clip the mission Part 3 from Jarhead (2005) with Peter Sarsgaard

God damn it, he's dead anyway! Just let us fucking do it!
You are way out of line, Corporal. Troy.
What difference does it make? Give him back the handset.
If it doesn't make a fucking difference...
why the fuck do you have to do it?
Because we have the goddamn shot! That's why we're here!
Give me the fucking handset! Fucking fuck!
Fucking stop!
Stop it! That's my kill!
Fuck! That is my kill! That is my kill!
You fucking desk jockey!
He's a fucking prick.
You don't know what we go through, hell!
It isn't done!
Let go of me. Just fucking let go of me.
I was trying...
I was trying to explain...
Oh, man.
You STA boys are some weird motherfuckers.
Hitman 45. Hitman 45. This is Bravo 4 Lima. Over.

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