Block Party (2005): The Audience


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The clip The Audience from Block Party (2005)

I've seen Mos Def.
Oh, my gosh, I'm so excited!
Oh, it's wonderful.
It's great being out here in New York for my first time.
I feel kind of like I'm at home. Yeah.
Seeing all these people out here with locks, it's comfortable.
You know, it's nice, though.
See, you can't come to Brooklyn without coming to the rooftop.
This is New York when you're on the rooftop.
Every time you show a movie, it always show somebody on the rooftop.
This is it.
So we here doing it.
On a rooftop.
The barbeque... You should see the lovely women.
All of us have... What we have in common
is that our audience doesn't look like us.
And it's the same for him.
Because of whatever vehicle that he's working at the time,
it attracts a certain demographic.
And I guess around the time when the thing that was out for him
was, you know, like people knowing about Half Baked.
And it was like post-9l11.
So, pretty much like...
The audience was full of, like,
these wild frat boys, like, you know, like,
that just wanted him to do his character.
'Cause he was telling stories, they would always interrupt his narrative.
But tell them what I said,
that's when the sniper was out, what did I say?
I said the sniper was black. Oh. We, we...
Yeah... Did I not say that?
Yeah. He predicted that the DC Sniper...
Was black. ...was black.
'Cause he was taking weekends off.
What kind of white sniper's gonna do some shit like that?
A white sniper's up early, killing.

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