Block Party (2005): Jumping to the Crowd


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The clip Jumping to the crowd from Block Party (2005)

Love of my life
You are my friend
Love of my life
I can depend
Love of my life
Without you, baby
Feels like a simple true love, yeah
But the shit didn't clear
Y'all know how I met her
We broke up and got back together
To get her back I had to sweat her
Thought she'd roll with bad boys forever
In many ways them boys made her better
To grow I had to let her Let her
She needed cheddar and I understood that
Looking at cheese that don't make her a 'hood rat
In fact she's a queen to me Her light beams on me
I love it when she sings to me It's like
Ooh, you know you rock my world
And you be boy
And I'll be girl
And it don't stop
Until the break of dawn
Sing it, y'all, come on
It don't, it don't It don't, it don't
She jumped off into the crowd's arms.
That was exciting.
Yes, yes, y'all And you don't stop
We like to rock to the beat And you don't stop
Kool Herc in the house And you don't stop
That chick right there has definitely led the way
for me and a lot of other sisters.
You know, I appreciate it.
Are you nervous you're gonna perform after her?

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