Block Party (2005): Hit Me


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The clip Hit me from Block Party (2005)

Yes, they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!
All right, band, you ready? Yes!
Hit me, hit me. Hit me two times.
That's not how James Brown did it.
His shits was crisp, decisive.
I said, "Hit me." Y'all was like...
I got to get that James Brown shit. Hit me two times.
That's better, motherfuckers. Three times.
That's right. Two from both nuts.
That's right.
Ain't nothing like a James Brown hit to set the mood. Hit me.
See? Hit me again.
That's right. Hit me.
If you could do that in real life, you'd be powerful.
If I could walk into the meeting,
"I want more money, motherfuckers. " Hit me.
Just might get it.
"Excuse me, baby, would you like to dance?"
"I ain't dancing with you." "Well, fuck you, bitch. Hit me. "
Hit me again.
All right, just checking to make sure you... Hit me.
Watching, that's all. Hit me.
Hit me!
They're good. What can I say? They're professionals.
Hit me!
See, I can't shake them... Hit me! Shit.
Life is deep. You know, the other day... Hit me!
Damn! These motherfuckers are good. You see what I'm saying?
I'm telling you, the crowd's not gonna know what hit them.

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