Block Party (2005): Inviting Ms. Hall


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The clip Inviting Ms. Hall from Block Party (2005)

Watch your back. You almost bumped into a pole.
I never steer you wrong. Anyway, I come here and get cigarettes.
Nice lady, Miss Hall, owns this place. I had the pleasure of meeting her before.
I wanna see if she'll come listen to some rap music.
Just 'cause she's not a traditional person to a rap concert. Look out. Pole.
I'm telling you, I'll never lie to you.
So, you're ready? Saturday night? Bring your Timberlands.
All right.
And get the dance.
Do you think I would enjoy that at my age, really and truly?
And I just wanted people from around the area that I live in,
that might not normally go to something like this...
That's right. get a chance to experience something like this.
So, I figure, I'll go to the store.
I come here, I buy my cigarettes sometimes in the morning.
I just wanted you to be able to come in and do your business and leave.
So... No, that's why I live here.
Everybody treats me like...
But inside, I was screaming, "That's Dave Chappelle!"
Hi. Hi.
How's it going? Yeah. Do you wanna come in?
Come on in.
I really don't know what to take to a rap party, Block Party.
I knew I should have bought a thong.

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