Block Party (2005): The Industrial Prostitute Bit


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The clip The Industrial Prostitute bit from Block Party (2005)

You know, I was in the public restroom the other day... It's a long story.
This guy was peeing in the urinal next to me,
I didn't look or nothing, but I couldn't help but notice.
His dick was so small...
How small was it, Dave?
He peed on his balls.
All day, babe. We could do this all day long.
All day long.
All right. One more.
This is as dirty as it's gonna get. All the kids, plug your ears.
Ready? Here we go.
Hey, Mos. Hey, Dave.
Did I ever tell you the one about the industrious prostitute?
No, I don't believe you did.
Well, it's a funny story.
She actually had a vagina surgically implanted in her hip.
Oh, my God. Yeah.
So she could make some money on the side.
Oh, it goes on like this for days and days and days.
We just tell straight jokes. That's it, we'll kill them.

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