Block Party (2005): It's Bigger Than Hip Hop


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The clip It's Bigger Than Hip Hop from Block Party (2005)

It was way bigger than hip-hop.
Kind of like, that was our work.
Those were my niggas right there. I grew up with them
since we was like this, so nothing would ever come between us.
You know what I'm saying?
Me, on the other hand, I don't see none of my old friends.
Them motherfuckers is crazy.
And if you watching this, I mean that shit.
If you know this here, say it.
It's bigger than hip-hop Hip-hop, hip-hop
It's bigger than Say it
What it bigger than? Say it
What it bigger than? Say it
What it bigger than?
One thing about music When it hit, you feel no pain
White folks say it controls your brain
I know better than that That's game, and we ready for that
Two soldiers head of the pack Matter of fact, who got the gat?
And where my army at?
Rather attack and not react
Back the beats, it don't reflect on how many records get sold
On sex, drugs, and rock and roll
Whether your project gets put on hold
In the real world We just people with ideas
They just like me and you When the smoke and camera disappear
In the real world It's bigger than all these fake-ass records
When poor folks got the millions and my sisters get respect
If you check, one, two My word of advice to you is just relax
Just do what you got to do If that don't work then here's the facts
If you a fighter, rider, biter, flame-igniter, crowd-exciter
Or you wanna just get high, then just say it
But then if you a liar, liar, pants on fire Wolf-crier, agent with a wire
I'm gonna know it when I play it Say it
What it bigger than?
It's bigger than hip-hop Hip-hop, hip-hop
Who shot 2Pac? If we don't get them, they gonna get us all
I'm down for running up on them crackers In the city hall
We ride for y'all All my dawgs, stay real
Nigga, don't think your record deal
Gonna feed your seeds and pay your bills
Because they're not
MCs get a little bit of love And think they hot
Talking about how much money they got
Nigga, all y'all records sound the same
I sick of that fake thug, R&B, rap scenario All day on the radio
Same scenes in the video
Monotonous material Y'all don't hear me, though
These record labels sling our tapes like dope
You can be next in line and signed

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