Block Party (2005): Dead Prez


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The clip Dead Prez from Block Party (2005)

Oh, yeah.
Yeah. Oh, yeah.
Put your fists up. My nigga.
Crank up your speakers
Your woofers and your tweeters
Turn up your receiver
Crank up your speaker
Your woofers and your tweeter
Turn up your receivers
We banging off the
It's your boy stic. Man, Dead Prez.
You know how we do it. Fuck the police.
You know what I mean. Raising the babies up soldier style.
This is M
Uno, M-1.
The other half of Dead Prez.
We banging off the
Yo, come on
Your speakers Your woofers and your tweeters
Turn up your receiver
We banging off the meter
I refuse to be a stereotype in your box
Never wanna try to be something I'm not
I think, like, the more you say with it,
the less airplay you get.
You know, guys like Dead Prez, they say it all.
But you hardly ever hear them on the radio.
Because they say things like,
"The White House is the rock house.
"Uncle Sam is the motherfucking pusher man.
"What I gotta do to make you understand?"
You know.
They don't want to hear that on the radio.
"The White House is the rock house," and all these kinds of things.
But you hear it at the barber shop all the time.
Say turn off the radio, Brooklyn
Turn off that bullshit
Say it Turn off the radio
Come on, come on Turn off that bullshit
What's on the radio Propaganda, mind control
And turning it on is like Putting on a blindfold
When you bring in the real You don't get rotation
Unless you take over the station
And, yeah, I know it's part of their plans
To make us think it's all about Party and dancing
And, yo, it might sound good when you spitting your rap
But in reality, don't nobody live like that
You wanna know what kind of nigga I am?
Let me tell you about the nigga I'm not
I don't fuck with the cops
Like it gotta be hot
I ain't gotta love it, even if they play it a lot
How many people they reach? How they use music to teach?
A radio program ain't a figure of speech
Don't sleep, 'cause you could be a radio freak
My nigga, turn off the radio Say it

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