Block Party (2005): Mr. T


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The clip Mr. T from Block Party (2005)

What's up, BK?
Yo. It's like this.
This my homie here, he's from DC, right?
Yo, son. What's up with that bald head?
I think you got to get something new or you'll be dead
Yo, Dave, I ain't gonna do you like that
'Cause I'm gonna come to you real fat with a bat
Yo, I'm rapping like this 'cause I don't really freestyle
I'm rapping like this 'cause I've traveled many miles
"Please to meet you," I holler "I'll see you at the gate"
After that, yeah That shit's gonna be late
Time out, everybody.
First of all, don't ever boo a rapper on this stage.
The way that he rhymed "gate" with "late" is genius!
And if you can't see that, there's something wrong with you!
Anybody can rhyme like that.
You got nice shoes.
Nigga's got blues.
New York City.
Something about big titties. You could just do that all day.
Bring back on that beat!
Time out, time out, time out!
Why everybody got to go "uh" before they freestyle? Uh!
All right, go ahead. Bring that beat back. Bring that beat back!
I didn't forget about you!
It's time to go to school
Like Mr. T said, "I pity the fool!"
That ain't platinum it's not even silver
It's just a piece of shit I told you that shit don't rhyme
What? What?
Look at that! Huh?
You said "Free Tibet" Ain't no niggas in Tibet!
It's probably a free t-shirt!
My flow is too ill.

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