Block Party (2005): Getting on the Bus


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The clip Getting on the bus from Block Party (2005)

I think, right now, man, Dave has two songs in his repertoire.
He has Round About Midnight and Misty.
And he... Once he has...
Wait, get...
Go back to Round Midnight.
He always gets to the bridge
and then he does these real immaculate arpeggios,
which trips me out.
The fact that he's not a trained musician,
but he's dedicated his whole life to Round About Midnight.
We're dating.
It's called... Courtship.
Christian courtship. That's what it's called.
We're dating. It's called dating.
We've been friends for how long? A year.
Best friends for a year.
A month. And a month.
And a day. And a day.
And a day, a day. It's a year, a month and a day.
So, how many hours and how many minutes and how many seconds?
Can I breathe your air? Breathe mine.

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