Block Party (2005): Broken Angel


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The clip Broken Angel from Block Party (2005)

This your house?
You know, we're having a concert in front of your house Saturday. You excited?
Yes, and you're welcome to come and rest your loins at any point.
I can come rest my loins in the crib, you heard that?
With a glass of champagne.
Ladies and gentlemen,
today is their fortieth...
Forty-sixth wedding anniversary. Good God Almighty.
Thank you. Hold your applause to the end.
We took a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, a little ocean voyage.
Okay. On the Staten Island...
All right. To Staten Island.
And, as we walked in the streets of Staten Island,
what did we discover in the gutter, but an angel broken in seven pieces.
When we both discovered this,
I turned to him, who was not my husband at the time,
and I said, "It's an omen. It's a sign.
"I'm to marry you, of all people."
Really? And I did. I married him.
And Sunday is our 46th wedding anniversary.
I put that angel back together again.
But after I did, we found the original, of which there may be thousands of them.
The original's rather stiff. Mine is kind of graceful.
So, that's why we call this Broken Angel.
Because this building was wrecked and vandalized
and lying in the street.
And I'm putting it back together again, better than it was.
Because they bought it, it kind of had some sort of meaning.
But if I was a location scout,
and we needed a crack house, I might refer that place.

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