Block Party (2005): Parting Ways


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The clip Parting Ways from Block Party (2005)

Though we are parting ways, remember this
We shall come around
To touch eyes again
Love is the foundation
The purpose be to recycle life
The promise shall bring us to one
beating heart in the end
Everybody was so down-to-earth, and just hung out
and gave us their time. We had a good time.
Say something to my mom, real quick.
Mama. Hold on one second. Your son's smoking crack.
Put that pipe down. What are you doing?
And it doesn't matter who you are, what you are,
what you've come from, you can do what you want.
'Cause all of those people out there, they're celebrities, they're in high places,
but they're regular, just like me.
They was happy to see me doing my work
like I'm happy to see them doing theirs.
You see an opportunity, just seize it.
Like Eminem say, you only got one time.
Don't miss your opportunity.
We're going on another long trip, another long voyage.
Hope y'all end up riding with us.
Look like it's going to be a little drier today, though.
Talking about love
God-given love, God-given love

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