Feast (2005): Killing Small Creature in Ice Box Part 2


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The clip killing small creature in ice box Part 2 from Feast (2005) with Jenny Wade, Judah Friedlander

it took all that?
All those bullets?
That's the little one?!
We can't kill these things! No way!
Look, we lave to fight these things.
We just have to be clever about this, okay?
Maybe we don't need to fight them at all.
Yeah. Why don't we just call them names?
Fuckin' genius.
We're stuck here... I can see this.
But what we need to do is think outside the box.
We don't need to fight them. We need to scane them.
We need to scare them back.
...is a species stand-off.
We just need to show them that we are not vulnerable.
That we... are fonmidable.
I need a stick.
Open up that ice chest.

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