Bring It On (2000): Mom Wants Torrance to Focus on Studying


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The clip mom wants Torrance to focus on studying from Bring It On (2000) with Kirsten Dunst, Sherry Hursey

I got captain.
Yeah, and you sent a girl to the hospital on your first day.
Aye, aye, Captain!
You were listening on the phone? Mom!
It's true. She really should get her own private line, you know.
She's growing up so fast.
Justin, go away.
At ease, Captain.
Well, this blistering academic schedule shouldn't get in your way.
You should be happy about that.
Why can't you accept the fact that I'm not a genius?
It just kills you that I'm not an honor student.
No. It kills me that you barely make time to study.
If you studied half as much as you cheer, you'd be in great shape.
-Your priorities are-- -No! Those are your priorities!
-Mine are just fine. -Look,
I'm just saying that college might be less of a shock...
if you take an extra lab or language course or something.
What do you think?
Will Advanced Chem get you off my back?
Not completely, but it'll help.
You know,
mothers have killed to get their daughters on squads.
That mother didn't kill anyone. She hired a hit man.

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