Bring It On (2000): Car Wash Fundraiser for Choreographer


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The clip car wash fundraiser for choreographer from Bring It On (2000) with Rini Bell, Tsianina Joelson

But here's the thing. It's gonna cost us 2,000$.
What, do I have the letters A-T-M tattooed on my forehead?
We were thinking more like D-A-D-D-Y.
Maybe I can get 500.
Okay, then we only need 1 ,500 more by Monday.
-What's up, Whitney? -Hi.
-What's up, Whitney? -Hi.
Here we are at the Rancho Carne Toro car wash,
raising a little money.
Yeah, baby, yeah!
Work it, Kasey!
What's up, Les?
Come to Mama.
Soak it up.
Working hard for our money?
That's a good shot, Les.
Give a little buff job. That's good.
Oh, that's attractive, Tor.
Looking good. Shaking the booty.
Missy, what the hell are you doing?
Watch it! Aww!
Dude, don't turn that camera off!
Hey, perv.
Hand over your 15 bucks or get out of here.
What are you doing?
Making money from guys ogling my goodies.
Aw, I didn't need to hear that. That was an over-share.
Hey, Torrance. Come here a sec.
We'll just get this over with.

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