Jungle Fever (1991): Father Getting Down on Paulie


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The clip Father getting down on Paulie from Jungle Fever (1991)

Let me in.
Paulie? I gotta pee.
No, you don't! Leave me alone. You just want to get in.
Paulie, I'm gonna pee in my pants.
Open the fuckin' door! I gotta take a leak!
Yeah, I promise.
What's the matter with you?
You lied!
What the hell are you doin'?
You said you had to take a leak.
Locking yourself in the john like a little girl!
All because of some... some skirt!
Not some skirt! It's Angie. She's a woman.
You call that a woman?!
I was married to a real woman. Your mother.
That was a woman!
I wanted to marry Angie.
She did you a big favour.
Marriage to her would have been hell.
Besides, marriage today is a joke.
People get married, divorced, married.
All they think marriage is for is humping. They don't know the duties.
What duties?
Wifely duties.
Those kind of women are rare.
Your mother and me, we had our wars.
She didn't talk to me for almost...
two years, not... not a word.
Still, she scrubbed my back.
Never stopped doin' her duties.
That woman was there for me.
"Till death do us part. "
That... was a fuckin' marriage.

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