Jungle Fever (1991): Complaining to Paulie


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The clip complaining to Paulie from Jungle Fever (1991)

Denise, just stay here.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Paulie.
How ya doing, Paulie?
All right.
Paulie, how's your father?
Don't take long, Vinny!
I need an egg cream.
He's a nice kid.
Paulie, we know.
You know? We all know.
You're a jerk-off most of the time, but I feel for you.
A coloured?
A spook?
A spear-chucker?
Jesus Christ, a fuckin' eggplant.
You know, Paulie, Jew girls do that all the time.
But I would have thought better of Angela.
Catholic school for eight years. Eight years!
That's 16 years, you moron!
It's a fuckin' mystery.
You gonna give her a beatin'?
Her father did that already.
Not her father. You.
Yeah, not Mike. You, Paulie.
My girl, Denise. She knows better.
She got out of line one time, I stomped her.
Morning, Paulie.
Good morning.
How are ya?
Just OK?
The same.
All right. I'll see you later. Bye.
Have a nice day.
You too.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Ooh, she's sweet, man. I'd fuck her.
You'd fuck a mozzarella.
I'd fuck her. I'd fuck a nigger or spic in a second.
Yeah... and the mozzarella.
I'd do it too.
But no way I'd walk down 18th Avenue with a black on my arm.
No fuckin' way.
Not even Paula Abdul?
Not even Paula Abdul.
Paula Abdul's not black.
Who's Paula Abdul?
She got big tits?

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