Jungle Fever (1991): Working Late


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The clip working late from Jungle Fever (1991)

Angie, you can do that in the morning. You've done enough.
That's all right. I like to work.
You like to what?
I like to work.
Besides, I want my brothers to eat McDonald's tonight.
You want your brothers...
to eat McDonald's?
When I get home, I usually gotta cook for them, and I don't wanna.
So I figure if I don't go home they're left to their own...
Why are you cooking for them?
It's what they expect cos I always do.
I think it's time for them to grow up, you know?
Dig it, dig it.
So, you're a good cook? I mean, you can cook, huh?
Yeah, I can cook. I love to cook.
Oh, yeah?
What? What can you cook?
I can cook anything.
What? Spaghetti?
Yeah, I can cook spaghetti.
Yeah, lasagne. You like lasagne?
I love lasagne.
Yeah? I'll make lasagne for you.
You're gonna make lasagne for me?
Yeah, I'll make it at home and bring it in.
I'll come over and eat with your family.
You could try. I don't know if...
It's a joke. It's just a joke.
I'm joking.
I know, I know.
All this talk about food is making me hungry.
Are you hungry?
Where are you from?

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