Jungle Fever (1991): Gator Getting Money from Mom


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The clip Gator getting money from mom from Jungle Fever (1991)

Is the Good Reverend Doctor home?
Can't you tell?
Yeah, there's Mahalia.
Come on in, but please be quiet.
This is your father's quiet time.
Time for meditation, time for prayer.
I'll fix you something to eat, you don't look right.
I look fine.
You been eating?
Like a horse, but I'm not hungry. I'll have a candy bar.
That's not good eatin'.
It's quick energy
sugar, glucose.
I'm cooking you something.
You don't look like you've been eating regularly.
Did I ask you that already?
My mind is getting bad.
Are you on that stuff again? You promised.
I promise, Mama. I'm clean. You don't have to worry.
You can rest your heart. That's why I came by.
I got this great new job, but there's only one catch.
The application calls for a hundred bucks.
They say I have the job, but the fee is $100.
Boy, you must think you have a fool for a mother.
No, I don't! I think I have a great, understanding mother for a mother.
Hush, your foolishness.
I'll pay you back...
with my first cheque with interest.
I'm trying, Mama, really trying. It's just a lousy $100.
Don't tell your father.
Lucinda, what is he doing in our home?
The "he" is your son, our son. Our first child, Gator.
I'm fixing him something to eat.
He is not allowed in our home.
But this is his home too.
How much money did he ask for?
Gator did no such thing.
Go listen to Mahalia while I get him something to eat.
Now, go on back inside. Go on.

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