Jungle Fever (1991): Eating Together at Work 2


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The clip eating together at work 2 from Jungle Fever (1991)

You like it?
When you put soy sauce on it.
I don't like the soy sauce so much.
What are you looking at?
Wait, don't tell me. I know.
I know what you're thinking.
You're going...
"Wow! Look at your skin colour. "
"How dark it is. How... I love your colour complexion.
"I mean, me, I'm so white, I'm so pale.
"I get sun now and then out at Jones Beach.
"But nothing like that!"
I hate the beach.
You're definitely not a mind reader.
But I admit I was looking at your skin.
Boy, it's amazing.
You know, this... this preoccupation with colour.
I mean, here you are staring at me.
But my experiences, my people...
I have... I've been called every...
Black, dot, smut,
midnight, spot...
Every black derogatory name that you could ever think of.
And then white people comment all the time.

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