Jungle Fever (1991): Paulie Arguing with Father


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The clip Paulie arguing with father from Jungle Fever (1991) with Anthony Quinn, John Turturro

Out where?
Out on a date.
Ahh. A date.
Who with?
Orin Goode.
She's black.
Yeah. Right. So what?
A black girl! You don't bring no brown sugar home to this house!
If your mother was alive she'd...
she'd turn over in her grave!
Papa, I'm going out.
You are not going out.
I'm going out.
I'll kick your balls through your throat!
Pop, I got no life, you understand?
I got nothin'. Everything I do is for you!
Paulie, do this. Paulie, do that. Paulie, wash my back.
Paulie, what's for dinner? Paulie, how many Posts did you sell?
I'm not your fuckin' wife! I'm your son!
You had your life! I want a life, man! You had yours!
You hate me.
You hate your own father.
I don't hate you.
I'd like to kill you, but I don't hate you.
You are not my son!
You bastard.
Oh, God...
You are not my son!
Lou! Damn!
Bastard! You are not my son. Take it easy!
What's the matter? Where you goin', Paulie?

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