Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Rumfoord Writes a Book


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The clip Rumfoord writes a book from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) with Michael Sacks, John Dehner

[ woman ] Hi, darling. How you feeling ?
Dirty sons of bitches. Bureaucratic bastards.
They have the audacity to put me In a room with a basket case.
-they just don't have A private room, sweetheart.
well, I don't know--
Goddamn it, lily !
I'm gonna pepper your Radcliffe ass with buckshot If I catch you smoking again !
You better stay in condition To keep up with B.C. Rumfoord.
you guys go on without me. I'll be all right.
Christ. All he does In his sleep...
Is quit and surrender And apologize.
Shoot. I could carve A better man out of a banana.
Did you bring me those Books from widener ?
The boys at the Harvard crimson Have a beautiful bit about you. Oh ?
They call you the red baron Of military history...
And want you To get well soon.
Those little bastards !
The Truman statement About Hiroshima is in here,
And those eight Army air force documents.
Oh, yeah.
And the Irving book On Dresden. I was there.
Honey, why did they keep Dresden A secret for so long ?
Oh, hell. For fear A lot of bleeding hearts...
Would say bombing it Was a chicken shit thing to do.
My book's gonna lay it On the line, sweetheart.
Nobody's gonna weep And wail over Dresden After they read my book.
I was there.
What's he saying ? He said he was there.
Says he was where ?
Dresden. At Dresden, B.C. !
The hell with him. Let him write his own book.

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