Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Premonition


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The clip premonition from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

how can I cheat With your old man around ?
That won't be so hard. We just make an agreement.
You don't talk, And I don't talk. Daddy, shame on you !
Hey, come on, Billy. We're on our way.
bye-bye, barb.
bye, val.
have a good time.
Bye, sweetheart. Have a good time. Bye. Bye, hon. Okay.
I know there's Gonna be meetings,
But I really mostly Want you to enjoy yourself.
By god, you deserve it. You really do.
Want me to tell you A secret, huh ?
I wouldn't tell anybody this, Of course, but...
When Valencia brought you home And wanted to marry you, to tell You the honest-to-god truth,
I thought she'd brought home A first-class loser !
I really thought that. But you proved me wrong.
I'm the first To admit it.
You proved Old Lionel wrong.
Dad ?
Fine family man, And I?m--
The plane's gonna crash. Oh, come on, Billy-boy !
In 25 minutes, The whole thing cracks up.
You can't get out Of your seat !
Stop the plane. No one's allowed In the cockpit, sir.
It's gonna crash. I organized This charter; I?m responsible-- Do you want to be removed ?
But you don't understand ! We've got our clearance For the takeoff.
Everything's going to be all Right. Leave the driving to us.
Lousy, drunk, son of a bitch ! God, I hate These charter flights.

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