Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Motivational Talk


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The clip motivational talk from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

I want your attention.
Attention, please. You are having a visitor.
Howard Campbell, junior.
I have just come back From the Russian front, So I?ll make it short.
I know how hungry you are. Food's not much though, is it ?
Food's terrific ! Almost as neat as your outfit !
Men, I have A proposition For you.
How would you like to Come back to America After this war as heroes ?
Great, as long as I could Wear that fag outfit !
Since you're so interested In my outfit, I?ll tell you What it's about.
Blue is for the American sky.
White is for the race that Pioneered that continent,
Cleared the forests, Drained the swamps, built The roads and the bridges.
And the red is for the blood Of fine American boys...
That's been shed In defense of your freedom.
I don't see you shedding any blood, Campbell.
You all know that communism is out to enslave the world.
And who's out there trying to stop them ?
The Germans ! They're not your enemies. They're your allies !
Communism is the enemy Of all of us !
I want volunteers for The free American corps.
-men who are willing to Stand up to these commies.
sit down, Lazzaro !
I didn't vote for you, Derby. Good. Now, who's next ?

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