Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Visit from Robert


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The clip visit from Robert from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

Dad ?
Robert ?
Hi ya, dad. Hi, spot.
How did you get here ?
Well, they-- They gave me leave To visit mom.
But you know-- Sure, dad. I know.
That's why I?m here. And to see you.
How are you, dad ? I'm fine.
God, dad. To think that You lived. It's a miracle.
Like one time when a chopper Got hit by Charlie,
Just outside our camp.
It came down like, Like a stone.
But the door gunner Walked away.
Dad ?
Dad, i-i did the right Thing, joining up.
I'm sure you did, son.
Aah, it's a lousy war, but Sooner or later it's gonna Be us or the communists.
We've gotta stand up To them somewhere.
Dad ?
Dad ?
I know you and mom Worried about me a lot.
I guess I haven't been The best of sons.
You've been just fine, Robert. No, I-
I know I was pretty wild,
And I want to make up For it.
Remember that stuff In the cemetery ? Geez !
I'm so ashamed of that now. Really, I am.
But I?ve changed A lot, dad.
And I just hope I can Make you real proud Of me from now on.
You already have, Robert.
Dad, will you come To mom's grave with me ?
I'm not ready yet.

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