Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Wild Bob


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The clip Wild Bob from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

Fall in here. It's your old colonel, boys. It's wild bob.
You from the 451st ?
Some of you boys Must be from the 451st.
I know you, don't I ? What's your name ?
Pilgrim, sir. Pilgrim. Of course ! I remember you.
Damn fine rifleman. Fine rifleman, Pilgrim.
One of the best In the 451st.
First in peace, First in war, and first--
Get your hands off me ! An officer's place Is with his men !
My men need me, and I?m Stayin' with 'em ! Don't Worry; it's your old colonel.
Wild bob is with you. No formalities. At ease.
By god, wild bob's Proud of you.
There are dead Germans All over the place Wishin' to god they'd never--
I'm stayin' with my men.
All right. All right. God bless you, boys.
Bless you, boys.
By god, boy, You're a good soldier.
You'll come Through this all right.
And when you Get to Cody, Wyoming, Just ask for wild bob.
We'll have one hell Of a reunion.
God bless you, boys ! Bless ya, boys !
A fag frolic in Wyoming. I'll be there, Pilgrim, Waitin' for you.
Come on.

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