Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Nominations


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The clip nominations from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

Lads. Lads. Hey, Billy !
Billy. Over here. - Can I have your attention ?
Please, please, please.
You're being transferred To a camp in Dresden.
You're going to be leaving For there this afternoon.
Actually, I?m Quite envious of you.
Dresden is a beautiful city.
Paid a visit there myself Before the war.
Besides being quite lovely, It's quite safe.
It's an open city Without war industries Or troop concentrations.
It's by far The safest place to be until We get this all over with.
Now then, you must elect A leader. He's going to be In charge of all this group.
You'll all be under His direct orders,
And he will be your line Of communication With the Germans.
Nominations are now open.
You need a leader.
I nominate Paul Lazzaro.
Lazzaro. Right.
Anyone else ?
Well, then-- I nominate Edgar derby.
Anyone else ?
You'll be responsible, To this man you elect,
And he'll be responsible To the Germans.
So if you mess him up, He's the one they're Gonna be after.
Oh, yeah ? Hey, pop, You want it so bad; You got it.
I un-nominate Lazzaro.
I don't think it will come As a surprise to anyone...
When I introduce our lion's club President for the coming year.
Our own Billy Pilgrim.
-the floor's all yours. Good luck.
oh, shut up, will ya ?
Thank you.
thank you.

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