Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Sickroom


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The clip sickroom from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

Pilgrim !
Can ya hear me, Pilgrim ?
Huh ? Can ya Hear me, Pilgrim ?
When do you want it ? When do you want it ?
You'll never know when It's gonna happen. Maybe years. What's goin' on ?
-all right, son.
this pork chop Killed a friend.
I didn't. I just--
this man is sick.
Yeah ? Well, He's gonna be dead. Out.
You wanna make the list ? Outside, Lazzarino.
Lazzaro ! L-a-z-- Out !
You threaten this man again, I'll break you in half.
Don't ever answer the door. You tell 'em what happens.
Nobody fucks around With Paul Lazzaro. You tell 'em !
Boy's all twisted up inside.
Feelin' better ?
Yes, thank you.
What's he got against you ? He's got this crazy idea I caused his friend's death.
I didn't, I-- I'm sure you didn't.
I'll talk some turkey To that boy.

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