Slaughterhouse-Five (1972): Billy's Death


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The clip Billy's death from Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) with Michael Sacks

Life has no beginning,
No middle and no end.
For example, Many years ago...
A certain man promised To have me killed.
He's an old man now, Living not far from here.
He's read all of the publicity Associated with my appearance.
He's insane, and tonight He'll keep his promise.
If you protest,
If you think that death Is a terrible thing,
Then you have not understood What I have said.
You see, it's time For you to go home...
To your wives and children.
It's time for me to be dead For a little while...
And then live again.
I give you The tralfamadorian greeting:
"hello. Farewell.
"eternally connected,
"eternally embracing.
Nobody fucks around With Paul Lazzaro !
Do you hear me, Pilgrim ?
Pilgrim ?
Pilgrim ?

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