L.A. Confidential (1997): Interrogating-sid


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This is Sid Hudgens.
I'm willing to cooperate. No need to tie me down.
It's for your own safety.
What can you tell us about Jack Vincennes?
Hollywood Jack? The Big V?
I can tell you he's on the night train to the Big Adios.
I had nothing to do with him getting killed, if that's what you mean.
-But you were business associates. -What's that got to do with anything?
Okay, so we worked together.
It was an information exchange.
I got him first-class collars, he got me good stories. We were friends.
We'll drop that for the moment.
Care to comment on Pierce Patchett?
You think he had something to do with Vincennes getting iced?
Wendell, I'd like full and docile cooperation on every topic.
Okay, okay, okay. All right.
Everyone knows Patchett's worth a boatload of greenbacks.
But the man has hobbies too.
He bankrolls B movies under the table.
And try this one on.
He's rumored to be a heroin sniffer.
All in all, a powerful behind-the-scenes strange-o.
And what?
Reciprocity, Mr. Hudgens, is the key to every relationship.
He runs call girls.
Primo tail fixed up to look like movie stars.

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