The Reader (2008): Hanna's Secret


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The clip Hanna's secret from The Reader (2008) with David Kross, Bruno Ganz

You've been skipping seminars.
I have a piece of information.
Concerning one of the defendants.
Something they're not admitting.
What information?
You don't need me to tell you.
It's perfectly clear. You have a moral...
obligation to disclose it to the court.
It happens this information is favorable to the defendant.
It can help her case.
It may even affect the outcome,
certainly the sentencing.
There's a problem.
The defendant herself is determined...
to keep this information secret.
A moment, please.
What are her reasons?
Because she's ashamed.
Ashamed of what?
Have you spoken to her?
Of course not.
Why 'of course not?'
I can't.

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