The Reader (2008): Hanna is Illiterate Part 2


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The clip Hanna is illiterate Part 2 from The Reader (2008)

Have you heard this allegation?
They say you were in charge.
It isn't true.
I was... I was just one of the guards.
She was in charge.
She was.
Of course she was.
Did you write the report?
No. No. We all discussed what to say.
We all wrote it together.
She wrote the report. She was in charge.
Is that true?
Yes, you did.
Does it matter?
She wrote it.
I need a sample...
of your handwriting.
My handwriting?
Yes. I need to establish...
who wrote the report.
I don't see how that's appropriate.
20 years have gone by.
Take her paper. Approach the bench.
Compare handwriting of 20 years?
Approach the bench.
I will not be overruled in my own court.
I'm sorry...
I'd rather listen to you.
There's no need.
I wrote the report.
Silence, please.

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