The Reader (2008): Recording Audio Books Part 2


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The clip recording audio books Part 2 from The Reader (2008)

Mount my bed and mix in the magic work of love.
We'll breed deep trust between us.'
'Not for all the world, not until...
you consent to swear, goddess,
a blinding oath you'll never...
plot some new intrigue to harm me.'
'Straightaway, she began...
to swear the oath that I required.
Never, she would never do me harm.
And when she'd finished then, at last.
I mounted Circes' gorgeous bed.'
'When young Dawn, with her...
rose-red fingers shone once more,
they yoked their pair again,
and out through the gates and echoing colonnade,
they whipped the team to a run and on they flew,
holding nothing back, and the princes...
reached the wheatlands...'
'...those purebred stallions... the sun sank...'
' my beginning.'
'Truly, and I have to confess, I am jealous.
It's true, till now...'
'Perfectly astonishing.
I've always said it was all tricks,
but he went to sleep under my very eyes.'
'He lifted a large newspaper from the table...
and began stamping his feet...
and flourishing the newspaper...
to drive Gregor back into his room.'...
'Zhivago... even a cake,
rather like a Baba au Rhum known as a Zhivago bun.
At one time you only had to say...
to your sleigh driver in Moscow,
'Zhivago's.' And, rather as if you had said...'
'The Lady with the Little Dog by Anton Chekhov.'
'The talk was that a new face had appeared on the promenade,
a lady with a little dog.
Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov...

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