Bridget Jones's Diary (2001): the Book Launch


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The clip the book launch from Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) with Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth

Ladies and gentlemen...
welcome to the launch of "Kafka's Motor bike"...
"The Greatest Book of Our Time"...
and here to introduce it is Mr. Tits Pervert.
Ooh, Fitzherbert, Fitzherbert, Fitzherbert.
OK, circulate, oozing intelligence.
Ignore Daniel, and be fabulous with everyone else.
I am the intellectual equal of everyone else here.
It's like a whole theory of short fiction...
and of the novella, you know?
And, of course, the problem...
with Martin's definition of the novella...
is that it really only applies to him.
That doesn't sound like Martin.
I could be wrong. What do you think?
Uh... do you know...
where the toilets are, huh?
Stay calm. Can't get any worse.
What are you doing here?
I've been asking myself the same question.
I came with a colleague.
So how are you?
Well, apart from being very disappointed...
not to see my favorite reindeer jumper again...
I'm well.
Anyone going to introduce me?
Ah, introduce people with thoughtful details.
Perpetua. Ha.
This is Mark Darcy.
Mark's a prematurely middle-aged prick...
with a cruel-raced ex-wife.
Perpetua's a fat-ass old bag...
who spends her time bossing me around.
Maybe not.
Anyone going to introduce me?
Ah, Perpetua.
Uh, this is Mark Darcy.
Mark's a top barrister.
Oh, he comes from Garth and Underwood.
Perpetua is one of my work colleagues.
Why, Mark, I know you by reputation, of course.
Ah, Natasha.
This is Bridget Jones. Bridget, this is Natasha.
Natasha is a top attorney and specializes in family law.

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