Bridget Jones's Diary (2001): the Beginning


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The clip the beginning from Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) with Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones

It all began on New Year's Day...
in my thirty-second year of being single.
Once again, I found myself on my own...
and going to my mother's annual turkey curry buffet.
Every year, she tries to fix me up...
with some bushy-haired, middle-aged bore...
and I feared this year would be no exception.
There you are, dumpling.
My mum-
a strange creature from the time...
when pickles on tooth picks...
were still the height of sophistication.
Doilies, Pam? Hello, Bridget.
Third drawer from the top, Una.
Under the mini gherkins.
By the way, the Darcys are here. They brought Mark with them.
Ah, here we go.
You remember Mark.
You used to play in his paddling pool.
He's a barrister. Very well off.
No, I don't remember.
He's divorced, apparently.
His wife was Japanese. Very cruel race.
Now, what are you going to put on?
Oh, don't be silly, Bridget.
You'll never get a boyfriend...
if you look like you've wandered out of Auschwitz.
Now, run upstairs.
I've laid out something lovely on your bed.
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
Great. I was wearing a carpet.
There she is.
My little Bridget
Hi, Uncle Geoffrey. Ha ha.
Hmm. Had a drink?
No? Come on, then.
Actually, not my uncle.
Someone who insists I call him uncle...
while he gropes my ass...
and asks me the question dreaded by all Singletons.
So... how's your love life?
Super. Thanks, Uncle G.
Still no fellow, then, eh? I don't know.

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