One True Thing (1998): Kate Has Cancer Part 2


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The clip kate has cancer Part 2 from One True Thing (1998) with William Hurt

She's going to need help during the day.
Maybe you could take sabbatical. I mean, it's been four years since...
you took one for the novel.
A sabbatical is out of the question.
I have a department to run, and I have to make a living.
As you well know, the advance on my novel was spent years ago...
on yours and Brian's education.
Dad, I have to do my interviews and my research in New York.
You know my job. I cannot just drop everything.
I may never catch up again. It could ruin my career.
We can get a nurse and I will come home every weekend.
A nurse?
We're not getting a nurse. Your mother didn't get a nurse when you had chicken pox.
A nurse. You know she won't tolerate having strangers in this house.
But, Dad...
Your mother needs you, Ellen. Jesus Christ!
You've got a Harvard education, but where is your heart?

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