La Notte (1961): Talking of Wealth


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The clip talking of wealth from La notte (1961)

It's absurd to condemn wealth. No one's wealthy now
But if anyone is still thinking of becoming rich... advice is: don't let money obsess you
I've always looked upon my businesses as works of art
Their financial profit was almost immaterial
The important thing is to create something lasting
But not everyone can create something lasting
The thing that sustains a writer, like you, Pontano... a sense of necessity, not a need for profit
You write because it's necessary for you and others
But one has to live
I never worried about that
Life is what you make of it with your own resources
What would you do if you couldn't write?
I think he'd commit suicide
I don't feel that important
Perhaps there are other ways
Isn't writing an irrepressible but antiquated instinct?
A lonely craftsman putting one word after another
The job can't be mechanized
Do you believe all that?
No. But you have the advantage of real people... create real houses, real cities
The rhythm of life, the future, is in your hands
This is a black day for my husband
You're right
Are you one of the many worrying about the future?

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