La Notte (1961): Meetings at the Party


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The clip meetings at the party from La notte (1961)

Why, Marchesa Gentili, from Rome
This lady does so much for orphanages, Signor Pontano
I will have one. Everyone smokes here in Milan
Signorina Resy. Please join us
Giovanni Pontano? The author of that great book?
One of the best books ever written
I adore it, I really do. I'm your greatest admirer in Italy
You must allow me that privilege
I'd like a novel about a woman who loves a man...
...but the man doesn't love her
But he does admire her intelligence, her character
They live together... but how could such a story end?
In so many ways
She'd have to be strong and sacrifice herself
She sacrifices herself for another woman's happiness
Why does she sacrifice herself?
I don't know. It makes me want to cry
What are you doing here? Why not mix with the others?
Yes, I will in a moment
Do you find it interesting here?

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