Dirty Love (2005): Freaking out Part 3


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The clip freaking out Part 3 from Dirty Love (2005) with Kathy Griffin

You're late!
I've been waiting. Sit down!
Come on, sit down. Give me your hands.
You are such a lost soul.
You're in pain. Someone hurt you.
Someone ripped your heart out and tried to play badminton with it.
This man who hurt you, he's a dark spirit.
I see blackness all around him!
But wait.
I see a white pony. He stands alone.
His spirit is very bright.
He runs towards you and, and...
Oh, you turn away. I hate that part!
Why do I turn away?
Because you have to learn the lessons
before you can ride the white pony.
White pony?
Can't be a white stallion or somethin'?
No. It's the white pony that you will ride into the sunset.
Only then can you have the happy ending you desire.
But first you have to believe
and you have to learn the lessons that come before.
Lessons? What kind of lessons?
Your own spirit not that bright yet.
It needs its roots but you're close.
First though you must go through more pain
before your heart can find true happiness.
That just sucks!
It only gets worse.
You gotta be kidding me!
What do I look like? A comedian?
If you don't pay attention,

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