Dirty Love (2005): Hitting on a Stranger


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The clip hitting on a stranger from Dirty Love (2005) with Jenny McCarthy, Kam Heskin

What the hell are you doing?
Hot Bacon. Three o'clock.
That's not Bacon. That's Porter House.
Oh, no! He's wearing sneakers!
You can have him.
Fuck that!
I'm not going near that world.
It's gonna be a very long time before Rebecca goes searching for another dick.
The best medicine is to get back out there.
There's nothing wrong with a little gratuitous sex to help mend the pain.
Remember the last time we were all single?
We had sex with everyone.
Carrie, Brad Pitt's throbbing cock couldn't help me right now.
Nothing in the world could heal this pain that I'm go...
Do you remember how jealous Richard would get when any guy would go near me?
Hey, baby...
Can I help you?
What the hell do you think you're doing?
Pap smear?
Yeah. He would go ape shit.
So, I show up at Richard's fashion show tonight with another guy.
He sees me mauling him and his insides
will get eaten up almost as bad as mine did.
It's the best revenge revenge! How do I look?
Like a summer flower that got rained and stung by a bee.
Go, go, go!
I was just sitting over there with my friend
and saw that you were kinda staring at... me?

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