Pulse (2006): Cafe Meeting


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The clip cafe meeting from Pulse (2006) with Kristen Bell, Ian Somerhalder

What if it's all connected?
The suicides,
the... Internet people, the things I saw.
The ghosts?
I'm not buying it, Mattie.
Josh thought he saw them...
and it messed him up so bad, he...
...he did what he did.
Okay, what do you think drove him over the edge?
Josh had some pretty bad shit going on.
Josh wasn't on a power trip with viruses.
He saw something horrible...
something like this...
and he wanted to stop it.
Hackers do this stuff all the time.
It's a prank.
He got it off the Internet. Come on.
But it wasn't hooked up to the Internet.
The cable was unplugged.
It came through the Wi-Fi.
Just like Josh said, he pulled something through...
Pulled ghosts through the Wi-Fi?
It just doesn't make any sense.
It makes all the sense in the world.
Do you have any idea of the amount of data
that's floating out there?
The amount of information
we just beam into the air?
We broadcast
to everyone where we are, and we think we're safe?
The whole freakin' city
is going insane,
and we're acting like it's nothing.
Well, it's not nothing.
It's something we don't understand,
and it is coming for us.
You're freaking us out, man.
It's the end of the world.
That's what it is.
Maybe it's the booze in your coffee.
What about Zeigler?
This whole thing started with him.
He was one of Josh's hacker friends.
There's got to be someone at school
who knows how we can find him.
Maybe he knows what the hell is going on.

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