Pulse (2006): Dr Watson Rationalizes


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The clip Dr Watson rationalizes from Pulse (2006)

kill themselves.
My psych professor stepped out in front of a moving bus.
All in the last week.
Have you walked around campus lately?
Every classroom is half-empty
and no one is talking about it.
Something is following me.
It's in my dreams.
I saw it on the bus.
Come on, Mattie,
do you honestly feel there are ghosts of some kind
walking around out there?
I don't know.
But something is wrong.
You're a very smart young woman.
I want you to add this up for me.
A flu epidemic breaks out.
People are in a weakened state; they're fearful of each other.
And then add a trigger event:
this coincidental clustering of suicides.
The e-mail rumor mill goes into overdrive,
and suddenly people are seeing strange things in the shadows?
I'm not imagining this!
Why do you think you came here again?
It certainly isn't because you thought
that I would agree with you.
You knew what my response would be; you knew that
you needed to hear it.
You can't articulate what you think
is going on out there, Mattie,
because it isn't real.
So what am I supposed to do?
Just ignore everything I'm feeling?
No. No.
You have to face what you think is happening out there.
You have to stand ground, take a good, long look,
and you'll see it's not there.

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