Pulse (2006): Mattie Goes to Josh's Place


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The clip Mattie goes to Josh's place from Pulse (2006) with Rick Gonzalez, Christina Milian

Yeah, but...
You're gonna come.
We're gonna hang out. We need this, okay?
I'm gonna call you right back.
Damn. Y'all look good.
A'ight. Check this out.
I got all the new joint...
Actually, these last four, y'all have already.
And then, these five, right here,
won't even be out for another month.
Plus, I have some other ones here...
Yeah. You know, you should just save us a few little
tax dollars and drive yourself to jail right now.
Can I use your car? And don't forget,
I gotta take you with me
because you did buy some of the stuff.
Oh, and your boy Josh... genius!
For every minute I use on my cellphone,
I get credited for two.
It's a beautiful thing.
Excuse me for one second. What's up?
All right, we're going to lunch, right?
Uh, actually, I'm gonna hang here for a bit.
But I'll call you.
Okay. Um...
I'm gonna see you later then?

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