The Frighteners (1996): It Was Cold Blooded Murder!


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The clip it was cold blooded murder! from The Frighteners (1996)

This is private property.
Mrs. Bradley? I'm Dr. Lynskey. I work at the medical center.
You do not. I know who works there.
I started 3 months ago.
Dr. Kamins is my physician.
He's attending a funeral. I'm seeing his patients today.
She was cutting vegetables. The knife slipped.
She just needs a few stitches. I'll drive you to the clinic.
That's impossible.
It's a deep cut.
Leave us antibiotics.
Mother, please.
Patricia never leaves the house.
But it hurts.
To your room this instant!
Wait. Just a minute.
Who did that to you?
I think you'd better go now, Dr. Lynskey.
You don't know who my daughter is, do you?
Patricia's not to be trusted.
I beg your pardon?
I can have her locked up anytime I want.

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