The Frighteners (1996): Death is All Around Him


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The clip death is all around him from The Frighteners (1996) with Peter Dobson, Michael J. Fox

Hey, easy.
You all right, buddy?
That was quite a fall.
You have to help. They're going to bury me.
You have to help. What is happening to me?
You appear to be dead, Ray.
That's impossible. I'm in the prime of my life.
I work out. My wife's a doctor!
Why didn't you take the corridor?
What corridor?
The passageway to the other side.
Because I don't belong there! Jesus Christ, I'm only 29!
Just relax, all right? Tell me what happened.
I was on the rowing machine.
Suddenly, I felt this vice-like grip squeezing my heart...
and I couldn't breathe, Frank, I just couldn't breathe.
I have the shakes. I need some vitamin B.
You can't take vitamins anymore.
You don't eat, drink or go to the bathroom. All that's over with.
In a year, you'll get another chance for the other side, to be a pure spirit.
In the meantime, you're an earthbound emanation...

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